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Patriotism In America! A Thing Of The Past?

Updated on June 28, 2013

Has America Lost It's Patriots?

Is American Patriotism Gone? Have the people of the USA become so self-absorbed that "me" is more important than "us"?

Someone made a comment on one of my NASCAR lenses about seeing one of our "race car driving heroes" who didn't bother to cover his heart as the flag passed in front of him at a 4th of July parade and seemed to be oblivious to the fact that a flag was passing at all. My answer to the comment was that failing to cover ones heart or even remove a hat, seems to be the norm these days and sadly, this seems to be true.

As I'm old enough to still feel my eyes fill with tears when I stand facing the flag and listening to the Star Spangled Banner, I decided that patriotism was a good subject for a lens. And yes, I know that many of you younger ones think that saying that my eyes fill with tears when I salute the flag or listen to the Star Spangled Banner is sappy or dumb, but maybe you should take a little time to check this lens out and think about where you might be if it were not for a lot of us sappy or dumb people.

What Is Patriotism?

Wikipedia says, "Patriotism is love and devotion to ones country". While this may be a true definition of patriotism, it only scratches the surface.

Patriotism is that feeling that you get when the flag passes in front of you. It's that feeling that causes you to put your hand over your heart or to salute as the flag passes. This gesture is done because of that feeling. Not because the person across the street or standing next to you expects it to be done.

Patriotism is that anger that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you hear someone degrading the flag or the country.

Patriotism is that feeling that you get when looking at the Statue of Liberty or the Liberty Bell.

Patriotism is thinking and doing what is best for this country, not what is best for "me".

Patriotism is standing on the front line and fighting for your country even when that feeling in your gut tells you to turn and run.

Patriotism is a "pride" that you feel inside, but don't have the right words to explain.

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Patriotism! Different People, Different Ideas

I would imagine that most of the people who visit this lens will tell you that they are patriotic and want only the best for our country. But, what does patriotism mean to them?

If I were to tell you that holding protests and shouting that the president is no good and not doing a good job of running the country, those who are doing it would swear that they are doing it to show their patriotism. Not so! They are doing it to get attention. If you don't feel that the president is doing what he was elected to do, you work to get someone else elected for the next term. You don't tell the whole world that you don't like the way our government is handling things by making a fool of yourself.

Many of you feel that Palin is being patriotic with her speeches against Obama and the Democrats. I think that she is just showing her ignorance, and hope that many more of you begin to think the same way before she ever gets elected to any office of importance again. For those of you who feel that she would make a good president, I say be careful of what you wish for. If you think the USA is in trouble now, you'll really have a reason to protest if she is elected.

No matter how you look at it, even though our constitution gives us freedom of speech, running down your country in front of the rest of the world is not patriotism. Disrespecting our flag, is not patriotism! And not passing new laws and regulation that benefit the country just to make it tough on the other party, is not patriotism!


Congress Needs To Remember Patriotism

The congress of the United States needs to remember what patriotism is! It appears that they are too busy trying to cover their own behinds to worry about such a small thing as patriotism.

The Republicans seem to spend all of their time trying to make the Democrats look bad, and the Democrats are guilty of doing the same thing with the Republicans. If any of our elected officials have ever known what patriotism is, they have forgotten years ago.

A true patriot is going to fight to pass laws and regulations designed to help the country, and if it means voting with the other party to get these laws passed, they will do it. In-fighting for personal gain has no place in Washington! Using important bills to sneak a smaller, more personal bill through, is not patriotism! It is just more of the "me" mentality that prevails over this country today.

It is time to bring patriotism back! If it means that a member of congress is working for themselves and not the country, that congressman needs to be voted out in the next election. And, the fact that someone has served in congress for twenty years has nothing to do with patriotism.


Patriotism Is Contagious

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      mcspocky, you've just personified exactly what was being said in this lens. It's not right wing or left wing that is the problem, its the people and politicians eager to place blame on those people with whom their own opinions differs, or that are too busy protecting their own assets and position to enact effective and well intentioned laws and regulations. Such individuals are only amenable when the wealth gained is greater than the jeopardy that is accomplice to it.

    • mcspocky lm profile image

      mcspocky lm 4 years ago

      To answer the question, "Have the people of the USA become so self-absorbed that "me" is more important than "us"?", I think the right side of the aisle has done so. It seems at this point in time that the right wing (in Congress anyway) cares a lot more about the wealthy in this country than everyone else. :(