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Updated on September 29, 2013


Many would have thought that America having a president with a Kenyan origin would make Kenyan ties and that of the USA even stronger. Unfortunately, this has not the case. Many may think that this is a one man’s ideology but anyone, whether a child, young or old in Kenya knows to whom Kenyan ties are strongest. The Chinese, this will be the most prominent answer.

Personally I don’t blame the Kenyans for such resentful feelings against the Americans. The Kenyans no longer trust the Americans with their well being. For example I remember Obama saying once that being in Kenya was worse than being in Syria just because the Kenyans were going for an election, it was supposed to be a joke but to Kenyan this something that went right down their heart because the happens of the previous election was a wound they were desperately trying to heal. Worst of it all they never expected something of this sort from a fellow Kenyan who means well for Kenya.

The politics of Kenya are well understood by the Kenyan themselves, after all only the wearer of a shoe knows where it pinches. As much as foreigners try to study, comprehend or help us make correct political decisions they will never understand well what goes on with the Kenyan politics. To begin with, it’s unreasonable and egotistical of the USA to threaten consequences to the social, economical or even political well being of Kenya if they democratically elected the leaders of their choice. Kenya is a sovereign state and that only translates to one thing: we can make our own informed decisions regarding our domestic and foreign affairs. The above mentioned utterances by the USA can only be described as propagating neo-colonialism.

The happenings of last week when we Kenyans had experienced a dark time in our history, when we lost over 60 lives in a terrorist attack something that happens all the world. Israeli had to send its intelligence to help Kenya deal with the situation. They were the first to arrive, the Chinese president called the Kenyan president assuring Kenya of their support, so was he followed by other African presidents and the Russian president but on the contrary even before we could commence mourning our beloved ones, the Americans were busy issuing travel advisory against Kenya. I do support Sir Richard Branson, the British billionaire entrepreneur utterances that it is so hypocritical for countries like USA to issue travel advisories against Kenya and reveled that he intends to visit the country in the coming months. You are welcomed sir and I wish America had a president like you. It is no longer an issue about the black, white or the brown if there are there but people who will help us deal with our issues. If a terrorist attack happens in countries like the US or the UK , governments and people show 100per cent support and sympathy-as they rightly should. After 9/11 we immediately sent a plane of people over to help and made an extra special effort to encourage people to travel to New York. After 7/7 visitors to London have continued to flock in, he continues to say. It is sad that when we are continuing to predict that the attack may have a 0.5 percent on the estimated growth on our economy people who call themselves our friends continue to make matters worse, this is exactly what the terrorist wanted and the Americans help them.

Even after the attack our friends still continue to stand with us on the positive side. The African richest man from Nigeria is going ahead to set up a cement factory in Kenya to help ease with the un ending demand due to Kenya’s fast infrastructure growth, the Chirathivat family Thai second richest family announces of their plans to build a multimillion hotel in Nairobi due to increased investor interest to visit Kenya, the Russians go ahead with their plans to set the biggest fertilizer factory in east and central Africa in Kenya to help meet the high demand of fertilizer in east and central Africa, the Japanese goes ahead with their plan to set a port for imported cars from Japan in the Kenya’s second biggest city Mombasa, the Chinese continue with plans to set the first yuan clearing house in Africa in Kenya’s capital Nairobi to cut need for dollar settlements and so on .

The Chinese have not denied the fact of their big interest in Kenya, as for now the Chinese are the biggest investors in Kenya overtaking the USA. The Chinese have invested billions of dollars in Kenya and are undertaking mega projects in Kenya like standard gauge railway line to link Kenya to all her neighbors that depend on her, the northern corridor super highway that will link Kenya to countries like Sudan and Ethiopia, building of a new port in Lamu , setting millions of hectares of land in Kenya into irrigation, the hospitality and the tourism sector to name but a few. In fact the Chinese president Xi Jinping had invited President Uhuru Kenyatta on a one week tour to china to meet him and his delegation and discuss on how to strengthen the Chinese and Kenyan ties. The headline on the Washington post that day was Kenyatta snubs Washington. Who snubbed the other here Obama made it clear when he visited Tanzania that he is not ready to work directly with the Kenyan leadership since they are suspects at the ICC for crimes against humanity, what happened to being innocent till proven guilty no wonder Africans now think that this was a court created to bully Africans, for heaven’s sake America is not even a signatory to the Rome statue. Do they even consider what they would be doing in Kenya if they sentenced these two leaders who are worshiped back at home by their people? God forbid, for it would be far much worse than 2007, the wounds would reopen again and hatred would swell through Kenyan tribes again than before. Because it would not feel like justice but a win to some tribes and a lose to some other tribes. If ICC was fair enough the two main presidential candidate of that year should also have also been included in the prosecution and then the whole Kenya would be in trial but look at what happened through some devious methods some people were struck out of the list. If Kenya pulls out of the ICC statue then that is the death of ICC. Kenya is very influential country in the African leadership, that why 51 out of 52 countries voted for the Kenyan cases to be brought back home and over 30 countries from Africa had applied to be included in the case as a friend of the court. This would mean a mass walk out by the African countries. I congratulate the Chinese for support Kenya through all this.

Most Kenyans find Americans as very friendly, kind and nice people but the truth is told their leadership sucks. It is full of bullies and that why African countries are looking to the east where they are considered partners and not inferior. I see a day the whole Africa will rises with a common enemy, a second liberation is on the way. As for Obama we Kenyans don’t consider him Family because family is not the people who you are related to through blood but people who care, help and reason with you.



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