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Annoying and Irritating Behaviors

Updated on January 7, 2015

There are times when a person wonders where manners disappeared to. In the olden days they were revered and growing children were taught on good behaviors including table manners.

In today’s world, it is something of the past. If you happen to come across good behavior or manners especially from someone younger to you as an older person, a smile crosses your face. But hardly is that the case.

With parents busy, there is no time to teach children how to behave and why good manners are good and their benefits in the outside world.

Some of these irritating behaviors make a person to feel like using his fist to bring sense to the person who seems to be irritating through his manners. But you don’t do that. You try to ignore the person, pretend you are listening but you aren’t or offer a quick excuse to get away from the person.

The ‘Teaching Children Table Manners’ Game
The ‘Teaching Children Table Manners’ Game | Source

In any case if you behaved in a negative way to the irritating situation, you would be termed a moron, idiot, stupid, foolish, lacking wisdom, uncivilized, uneducated, illiterate and barbarian. All of these describing you in one sentence. The best you do is to find an alternative to deal with the annoying situation.

The following are the most common irritating behaviors that really pisses one off.


Courtesy. Respect. Many people don’t know what these words mean. There are people who when they talk with the sender or receiver of the call, behave as if they’re in a place where there is no network, they’re in the dessert or are talking to a person who you have to shout on top of your lungs in order for him/her to hear.

Consider you’re sitting on an over 80-seater bus. Someone is sitting behind the driver and you’re sitting at the back, but you can hear what the person is saying. Worse, you get to hear personal matters of which the person talking on phone didn’t want anyone to know apart from the sender or receiver of the call. It becomes worse if the person is sitting next to you. f

What is more annoying is the laugh that accompanies the loud talking. It is sharp and hoarse which makes you uncomfortable and in a mood of feeling the need to bring some sense to the person using either verbal or physical means. It is a laugh that is irritating, devilish-like as depicted in movies.

It doesn’t hurt to try to level the voice when talking through the phone. Not too high, and definitely not too low. And a laugh that is not irritating. What more can one ask?


There are people who were either not taught table manners or they threw them out of the window. Respect demands you behave well towards another person. Chewing while talking and worse chewing loudly really puts people off. And that is when you who is chewing loudly while talking, you find you're talking to yourself with the other person not listening to you. The other person is busy doing something else, listening to music through the earphones or busy pretending reading something or watching something outside the window.

Dinner Dating Do’s and Don’ts
Dinner Dating Do’s and Don’ts | Source

Drinking Loudly

It is irritating when a person makes a sound when drinking a hot beverage and in some cases, the beverage is not that hot. It is a sound people loathe. Every sip of the drink produces a sound. By the time the person has finished drinking the whole cup of tea or coffee, he has made over 10 sounds which you have patiently endured. I find it works best when I put earphones on and listen to music.

Eating Loudly

This is when one wonders where table manners disappeared. Whether it is proper to talk while eating is still debatable. I find nothing wrong with it. Some people feel it isn’t good and they’ve got good reasons as to why. What becomes more annoying is when someone is talking with his/her mouth half-opened that you sure see the chewed food on his tongue. Join this with when particles of food and saliva fly towards you and possibly to your plate, you sure feel like screaming.

It doesn’t make situation any better when the person laughs loudly. I bet this is why many people prefer to eat while quiet. Talk after eating.

Hostile Sleeping

I know it’s not good to blame people how they sleep or how they behave when sleeping though they don’t know it. I’m not speaking about snoring. This is a health concern of which those who are snoring need to know how to work on stopping it because some people who sleep with them find it irritating.

I’m speaking about those people who by the midnight hour they’ve occupied a large space of the bed. You wake up in the morning or something wakes you up because you felt you were pressed close to the wall or were on the verge on falling down. The unfortunate ones are usually those who are slim. The space they occupy is so little they feel the pain of the edge of the bed’s wood on their ribs.

Then there are those who happen to stretch their hand or leg to lie on top of you. As much as you try to push their hand or leg away from you, in a few minutes it has returned. Be careful, you might find yourself on the floor.

7 Worst Table Manners Mistakes
7 Worst Table Manners Mistakes | Source

Then there are those (leaving children out of these situations because theirs is understandable) by the time you wake up you find you slept the whole night without a cover on your body. Either the person has covered himself with the whole of the blanket, he has slept on the blanket (so none of you has any cover) or it is in the floor.

Polluting Oxygen Without Apologies

That is right. There are people who have found they can pollute fresh air and get away with it. No apologies. If you happen to ask them why they didn’t apologize for that, they answer they were fulfilling Mother Nature – getting out of the body the waste or bad gas out of the body. Anything wrong with that? And some people can go as far as to waste the air in succession, one followed by another. All they do instead of offering apology is to smile. Surely, is this fair even if you were fulfilling Mother Nature?

Reading Loudly

One of the best ways to read or study a pupil or student is taught in school is how to read silently. This way you read fast and understand what you are reading. When in library it is good manners to maintain silence.

However, there are people who read loudly word by word that it irritates you because you have stopped studying what you were reading. Either you got confused on what you were reading or studying or instead of reading what you were studying (or is it studying what you were reading), you end up listening to him.

To add salt to injury, he then laughs at something funny he read aloud. And laughing does he laugh loudly. Inside of you something is boiling hot and hotter and you feel the anger in you rising, and you're are trying very hard to bring it under control because you feel like hitting that person with that book he is reading.

Jumping Queues

This is when you realize courtesy was thrown out of the window and was erased from dictionaries.

Someone feels that he cannot wait in queue and sees the best way to reach the counter is jumping the line and squeezes closer to the front of the line. Or offers an excuse and squeezes in. Others are daring in that they walk straight to the front of the line. When they’re approached by the security detail, they start shouting and arguing, and exhibiting anger of which is supposed to be directed to themselves. Courtesy pays. Wait like the others because no one enjoys standing in a line.

Tornado Spitting However

It makes someone wants to vomit or feels something funny with his own saliva on the tongue or when swallowing saliva.

If you feel the need to spit, spit on your handkerchief. Spitting when people are not watching, when one stumbles on it one won’t feel nice about it. This is in contrast to vomiting for it is something one cannot avoid especially if there is no toilet near.

Some people find the courage to spit a full-sticky ball of saliva at a great distance. I’m sure reading this you feel something funny with the saliva on your tongue and you’re doing a lot of swallowing it.

Sitting Space

This is common with men. No harm meant but please sir I paid for the seat in the public vehicle. I have the receipt. This does not mean you widen your legs wide that I am forced to sit on the edge of the chair, struggle sitting for the whole of the travel, or find I'm pressed to the side of the bus.

I believer people should sit in a way every person is comfrtable. Some take more than the space of their seat extending part of their body to the next. And they offer no apology. I'm not speaking of those who are chubby or plump. There's is understandable. I'm speaking of those who fit in their seats but seem to reason they need to occupy a bit of another person's seat.

These are some of the annoying or irritating habits or behaviors many of us exhibit or have seen others exhibiting. Good table manners which extend to outside is very important in order to live at peace and in a friendly-conducive-clean environment.

Any irritating or annoying behavior or habit you know? Please, drop it in the comment. It will be interesting to read others of which I don’t they exist.


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    • Ben716 profile image

      Alianess Benny Njuguna 2 years ago from Kenya

      Good evening to you too, MDavisatTIERS, hahaha...thank you. There are still people who do agree with you and grandmother. Nice to know there are people who agree too.

    • MDavisatTIERS profile image

      Marilyn L Davis 2 years ago from Georgia

      Good evening, Ben; my grandmother would be proud of you. As Bob said in his comment, you've summarized all of her personal pet peeves....and mine. Nicely done. Voted up, and I may just show my grand kids that there are others out there in the universe who agree. Thanks for the validation. ~Marilyn

    • Ben716 profile image

      Alianess Benny Njuguna 2 years ago from Kenya

      I agree with you a hundred percent. I remember in those years as children one would be reminded even by a total stranger who was older close to be call your father or mother, that your mother and father weren't only your parents. Anybody older by many years was your mother and father. Also, in those days every older person seeing you as a kid misbehaving would tell you that behavior was wrong and teach on good behaviors or manners.

      Thanks for voting up. Appreciated much

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 2 years ago from Rochester, New York

      A very good summary of some of the world's irksome habits. When I was child manners were taught at school in health class and in behavioral science class, social studies classes. Everyone knew who "Miss Manners" was and etiquette was and Emily Post was. Children who didn't know how to be politely or were selfish or rude was asked, "Were you brought up in a barn?" and no one wanted to be asked that question because they knew how it reflected badly on their family. Now people are so callous to others feelings that one wonders what happened to sense and sensibilities. It seems that each generation gets worse and values become more and more shallow. I really am not sure what can be said to those who annoy. There are no cultural norms to reflect upon. All standards are made over yearly or more, instead of generationally as it used to be. I voted up and interesting. Bob.