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Should waterboards be obliged to announce disability exemptions when banning hosepipes in drought?

There is a hosepipe ban in the UK because of an exceptionally dry autumn, winter and early spring, but how many people, and particularly those who are disabled, actually know that disabled people are exempt from the ban? I have been struggling unneccesarily with a heavy watering can for over a month because it wasn't made clear that disabled people may still use their hosepipe to water the garden, and I have only just found out.


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MickS says

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5 years ago
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    Diana Grant 5 years ago

    A relation who runs a gardening business told me, and, trusting no-one, I then checked on the water board website, and found he was right.

    So annoying that they keep it to themselves. What's the point of having an exemption that no-one knows about?

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