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Why Japanese are workaholic? in DNA?

I like japan and their attitude love for work.After the WW-II they built their country at a pace no one could compete. Entire Japan is a one company like Japan In corp. One leader and follower and to do the job Though known as bubble economy and vibrant,people work till target achieved.Since centuries they faced Quakes, storm and Tsunamis, destruction and rebuild is their practice.This all things are in their DNA . To import raw material and making goods and export to the world is fantastic , and to sustain and consistent, growth of economy is a another wonder. One should visit Japan


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Marisaupa says

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5 years ago
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    pramodgokhale 5 years ago

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    Yes, ethic is important and implementation of policies and sincere efforts can do wonders any community can achieve.

    Thank you for comment