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Did Mr. Obama cut a deal with BP to gain politically?

Did Chicago politics and BP come together in an arrangement where Mr. O would get to say he hammered out a deal to provide $billions to the people affected by the deep spill, gain on his "green" agenda, shut down drilling in the Gulf, and then let BP run up the cost of gas and oil out of the gulf to recoup the "lost" funds? All of the oil folks would benefit - as would Mr. O. Only thing is - EVERYONE ELSE is paying for the calculated deal in higher fuel prices worldwide. Sure, it sounds like a conspiracy, but it also sounds like Chicago/Obama politics.


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4 years ago
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    Inventurist 4 years ago

    MrB, I agree that BP probably couldn't single-handedly cause a price increase. But the point that they wouldn't be prosecuted for doing what they need (conspiring with others for example) could certainly be a possibility. It has happened before.