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Do people know that global warming stopped 16 years ago?

This was according to the data collected on global temperature and issued jointly by Britain's Met Office's Hadley Centre and Prof Phil Jones's Climactic Research Unit. From 1997 till August 2012 there has been no discernible rise in temperature. Jones's CRU was in the center of "Climategate" three years ago when leaked emails basically said the data they compiled did not mesh with Jones's claim of global warming. And Jones is also refuting the data that he collected in the latest report. If you look stupid up in the dictionary you can see a picture of Phil Jones underneath it.


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LandmarkWealth says

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5 years ago
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    Cassie Smith 5 years ago

    I think what you said is very true Landmark. There are a lot of disagreements in the scientific field and most things only come to a consensus after many, many years and after many, many experiments.

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