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Whistle blowers are they practical? or failed? Anti government agitation in India

Democratic nations and regimes feels the heat. Whistle Blowers new community has emerged .Anna Hazare started anti corruption drive against India government, gathered storm,2G scam and other scams came to light .Later Anna declared that he will form political party to clean the system,people disliked idea and left him.Why it happened? Whistle blowers are less practical, more emotional. They did job, we need them but sometimes movements slips. Protests, agitation is a basic right in democracy . In anarchic situation people look for Messiah or savior who can lead to bring change. I defend them.


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5 years ago
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    pramodgokhale 5 years ago

    Thank you Ma'am, for sharing your views and situation in Canada.In India our judiciary is under influence and scams one out of hundred comes to light and criminals have been saved.Indian democracy with many flaws is still advancing