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What do you do to remember Benazir Bhutto. ?

On December 27th 2012 it will be 5 years to the day since the assassination of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. People all over the world do different things to mark the anniversary of this legendary Politicians life and death. Some people light a candle, some say prayers, others write poetry about Benazir Bhutto. I personally fast in remembrance of a woman whom was like light. What do you do to remember Benazir Bhutto. On her anniversary and through the year....

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Maria Janta-Cooper (jantamaya) says

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5 years ago
  • safiq ali patel profile image

    safiq ali patel 5 years ago

    Jantamaya your answer bought some tears to my eyes. Benazir Bhutto was everything you say she was in yoru answer. I have fasted many times and prayed often since Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. I'll miss Benazir Bhutto for the rest of my life. .