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How do you feel about the popularity of murderabilia?

Murderabilia is art or other works created and sold by those who are accused or convicted of murder. Example : Accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, Jodi Arias has created a number of works that have been sold to the highest bidder on ebay. These colored pencil- drawn images are expected to drastically increase in value if she is convicted and even more if she is sentenced to and killed under the death penalty.

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Peeples says

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4 years ago
  • windygreen profile image

    Valerie (windygreen) 4 years ago

    1) Do you think that the popularity of murderabilia says anything about human nature? or the nature of those who buy it?

    2) Do you think that through the works of murderers we can learn more about the motive, mentality, or state of mind of a killer?

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