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Isn’t liberalism today a rejection of the founder’s vision?

The founders envisioned a nation of limited government, individual rights, inalienable rights and self-rule? Liberalism supports the notion of an exalted role of government to shape society and its people to meet their greatest potential according to the values of the state. To accomplish this, the idea of limited government had to be rejected in favor of empowering an elite group of experts to manage this all important government.The founders viewed the government as a necessary evil and servant to the people, where most decision would be made by individuals and thier local governments.


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4 years ago
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    wba108@yahoo.com 4 years ago

    Unfortunately, its human nature to believe what you "want" to believe so we tend to try to find evidence that supports own views. I agree I don't know how you can read the Constitution and think it has much in common with liberalism.

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