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Is India " Functioning Anarchy" ? It seems so.

I am an Indian, excited by above heading because American ambassador in India in 1960 MR. John Galbraith commented about India when he landed land of contrasts.India is a democratic country with plural society and lots of inequalities within.In 60s India and USA with their bonhomie was pleasant years and John Kennedy and Nehru were in office. We received aid from America and dam and Nuclear power plant was built.India is a multi party, multi lingual and faith country, then also despite differences our union is intact and did not break. Prosperity and poverty co-exists. No violent protests.


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Prusni Bandela says

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4 years ago
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    pramodgokhale 4 years ago

    Yes sir, we do not blame government but performance is more important and civilian society of India should be active. If we want to change government then we should do voting in large scale.

    We are most undisciplined community plus happy with status