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Why do you think we blame video games for violence? Should we blame greed on Monopoly?

As a gamer myself I find it odd that violent behavior is blamed on video games. Personally, first person shooter games are my favorite. But they don't make me violent. I have no desire to actually shoot another human being. Is this because I'm female or not? I don't know, but my brother plays with me and he is the gentlest person I know. I just wonder why we are always so quick to blame something that can't defend itself. Does parenting play no part? What about mental stability? Or how about the individuals have responsibility for their own actions? Just wondering how others feel...


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CraftytotheCore says

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4 years ago
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    Nicole Imparato (a-drifter) 4 years ago

    I am right on board with you, people take things to the extreme. Which wouldn't upset me nearly as much if the media didn't follow suit.