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Do you approve of the Indian President's holy thread?

The President of India is used to wearing a holy thread that symbolises VARNASHRAM (the Vedic racism) which divides the human race into four castes (VARNAS) determined by birth, which are: (1) Brahmana, (2) Kshatriya, (3) Vaisya, and (4) Shudra, of which the first three are superior castes to which all the superior humans belong, and all the rest belong to the Shudra caste, and all Shudras are reckoned inferior humans born to do all menial and base jobs. The biggest and strongest argument against the holy thread and VARNASHRAM is that VARNASHRAM is a downright falsehood, as I see it.


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Raman Kuppuswamy (dreamdamodar) says

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4 years ago
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  • Prakash RnP profile image

    Prakash Ranjan Paul (Prakash RnP) 4 years ago

    By MANUSAMHITA, Shudras are inferior humans. By VARNASHRAM, castes (or varnas) are determined by birth, not by occupations. You've evaded a most important point, namely that VARNASHRAM is a downright falsehood.