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How many insurers will pull out of Obamacare?

Obumbler now delayed the mandate for people whose health insurance was cancelled. LOL! Insurance companies' statistical basis for premiums are all blown up. How are people whose insurance got cancelled going to buy catastrophic insurance when insurance companies aren't legally allowed to offer those types of health insurance policies anymore. What's going to happen to all those people who already have a condition and need health insurance? Obumbler continues to make things worse. I wonder who else the liberals and the dummycrats are going to blame ofr Obumbler's stupidity & incompetence.


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Old Poolman says

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3 years ago
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    Cassie Smith 3 years ago

    A lot of this off-the-cuff stuff seems moot. They dummycrats passed a very bad law and are finding implementation impossible. I have no sympathy for the insurers because they thought they've hit the jackpot. Obumbler will continue to flounder.