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Society.. dead or still barely alive?

I'm speaking of society in the sense of it's influence on little kids and teens, women AND men.. they're trying to keep violence rates down yet, our main priority is battle to the death or worse just for this "land of the free"? Is this country today what you'd want to know that you'll more than likely die for, that and nothing else..? It might've been worth it at one time, but now.. I'm almost ashamed that for the most part all I'm worth to this country is another statistic in some pretty chart.

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Sri T (the mystic) (Sri T) says

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3 years ago
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    Allyson Holland (Hayze Caine) 3 years ago

    That's an awesome positive way of thinking of life an going by accepting the things you can't change and being the best you you can be any way. I've experienced feeling like I had no faith in humanity.. but you can't continue on in life like that.