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Another woman murdered because of Sharia law; where is the White House condemnation?

Another woman has suffered the ultimate persecution by the "honor killings" trend in Pakistan - being stoned to death by her father and family members after she married the man she loved. Human Rights activists say 869 women were murdered in honor killings in Pakistan in 2013. But while the U.S. President (and his wife) have been very public in condemning the abduction of 300 kidnapped girls in Nigeria, the administration gives scarce criticism of crimes against general abuse of women committed by Sharia lovers. Why doesn't the WH show as much concern for these female victims of radical Islam?

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mbuggieh says

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3 years ago
  • bethperry profile image

    Beth Perry (bethperry) 3 years ago

    mbuggieh, there are many cultures that practice it, but it doesn't make it right or excuse the Sharia followers that practice it. I'm not commenting on Obama's heritage or status and I feel your attempt to sidetrack the issue is "nonsensical crap".

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