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How much should the tax payer be force to spend to reduce poverty?

As a nation America currently has a debt of $18 trillion and unfunded liabilities of $127 trillion. In 1964 President Johnson declared a War on Poverty. At that time the poverty level was about 14 %. The US Census Bureau, this week will release poverty figures of 14%. From 1964 to present the tax payer was forced to pay $22 trillion to achieve what? 109 million Americans are on welfare, 92 million are not in the workforce and the median income has decreased by $4,000 per year. What does the future hold?


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Rod Martin Jr (lone77star) says

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3 years ago
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    Marisaupa 3 years ago

    Zero, I agree wholeheartedly. It is amazing how fast self-responsibility would increase if people were allowed to hit real bottoms; unlike now when so called poverty households include cable TV, multiple vehicles, cell phones, etc.

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