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A threat to the USA?

A group comprised of 50 Islamists were sent to hell with 40 cruise missiles because _ ELECTION DAY! The had talked about blowing up something somewhere that wasn't Muslim and _ELECTION DAY!! We will be treated to continued tiny bombing sorties until, you guessed it, ELECTION DAY!!! Why because Democrats cannot be trusted with defending the country unless their President is bombing somebody, somewhere - like losers in Syria. Hardly Saddam or Bin Laden but watch Obama SPIKE THE BALL until ELECTION DAY!!!!


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Old Poolman says

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3 years ago
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    retief2000 3 years ago

    Everyone in Washington has a share of the wrong on this one. Arming which Syrian rebels. The Libyan rebels proved to be AL Qaeda or Brotherhood. That country is a basket case, but at least the oil flows to Italy and France in that true war for oil.