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Has the "war on terror" ended up globalizing Terror?

The war against terror has been going on since 9/11 attack. But looking at the middle east, Nigeria and Af-Pak regions it appears that the US actions have only globalized terror. The birth of ISIS has changed the ways of terrorism. It is now more organized, brutal and the cyberspace has turned into the medium of terror technology transfer as well as recruitment of terror ideologists from around the world. Now the "lone wolf" type of violence with suicide mission to reach the "paradise" has become a hard to detect threat around the world. Is the stage being set for a major global conflict?

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Yes Dear (lovemychris) says

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3 years ago
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    Goodpal 3 years ago

    Who funds and supplies weapons to terrorists? Are NATO countries running arms economies?

    I know countries with terror camps can't produce the arms they are using. Has glamorization of war and violence in the movies gone too far?

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