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The System of Racism makes people crazy...

If you throw some guns in the mix, you’ll have a recipe for murder and mayhem…and this ain’t no plot from a Hollywood film, this is reality. In light of recent events, it seems that now is the time to take a serious look at our society and start building the language and the dialogue towards society's socioeconomic betterment. What are your thoughts?

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Mihnea-Andrei Andreescu (Mihnea Andreescu) says

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2 years ago
  • kndashy41 profile image

    Dana Ayres (kndashy41) 2 years ago

    I agree, Mihnea. Deep-seeded cultural intolerance is a key factor in racial and religious discrimination. However, in the case of Black Americans, the sole factor for our initial enslavement was for profit. U.S culture is steeped in racism.