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Is the great gay persecution coming in some western nations?

A person have the right to religion freedom, thus the right not to be persecuted, due to the religion law and view of others. No person should be persecuted, unless they effect other's freedom, hurt others, endanger social order or threaten the state. But what recent event in regards to gay marriage prove, some gone beyond just disapproving gay marriage but a spirit in favor of persecution against gays (which effectively let, many others anti gay marriage change side and start to support it) In US such persecution won't happen due to constitution protection. But in other western nation?


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Clive Williams (clivewilliams) says

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2 years ago
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    peter565 2 years ago

    social order e.g. no drug smuggling, which would hurt a lot of people. No illigal arm trafficking, because it cause problem to society. Everybody need to drive following traffic rule, to ensure public safety