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Do you think it is alright to use arrested organize crime members as gladiators?

Organize crime is guilty of HumanTrafficking,ArmTrafficking,DrugSmuggling,ProtectionMoney etc serious crimes, harming society. Still spending lots of TaxPayerMoney keeping them in jail. Got an idea how they can make up for their crime, live TV,16 team, 20 gang member from each gang(guilty of crimes I mention above)as a team, fight till the death, each match is 1gangVS1gang,8PreliminaryFight, winning team's survivor to QuarterFinal. 4QuarterFinalFight, winning team's survivor to SemiFinal. 2SemiFinalFight, winning team's survivor to GrandFinal. 1GrandFinalFight, winning team's survivor, freedom

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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23 months ago