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Are state governments embarking on a water tranport system from flood areas to drought areas?

It seems intuitive to develop a system to transport water from new flood zone areas to drought stricken areas. If we can transport oil overland or by sea, it seems that we will need to do the same for water in the coming years with predictions from serious meteorologists that extreme hurricanes and flooding along with intensified snowstorms will take place. Snow last year was piled up on the East Coast while the West Coast is in a terrible drought. Is it naive to think that a system of water transport needs to be initiated or perhaps such plans are in the works. What have you heard?


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Lela (Austinstar) says

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2 years ago
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    Billie Kelpin 2 years ago

    Wow, you know a lot about State "water rights", Austinstar. I think it's inevitable that we will have to do something, and I do think that something can help alliviate the effect of global climate change. It seems it would even out the water cycle.

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