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Why isn't there a sinner right movement?

Most violation of human right in western history, is led by Catholic Church against those who violated the church's sin For example, the Catholic church home for unwed mother in Ireland prior to 1980s, throw women in prison for been unwed mother, cause it is a Catholic sin. Today, gay discriminations issue, also result of Catholic Church. (There are many who dislike homosexuality, for various reason, but only Catholic discriminate gays, others are all very tolerating.). Before there was eg inquisition. Why isn't there ever a sinner right movement? Won't having a sinner right party be great?

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bradmasterOCcal says

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2 years ago
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    peter565 2 years ago

    Following the same reason a person can be declare dead once brain dead, even if the body is alive, I believe abortion should be allow, if the baby is yet to have a functioning brain. I am also pro stem cell research and some other sins.

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