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Does anyone know if the Little Sisters of the Poor were acknowledged by Obama in his final State of

.....the Union address, along with all the other charitable people invited by Paul Ryan, U.S. Speaker of the House? I watched on and off and didn't see anything. The sisters run 30 nursing homes for the elderly and have also invoked a “conscience clause” in the Health Law Meant to Accommodate Religious Objections. However, Obama is denying them this "clause" after all. The order has taken their case to the Supreme Court, which will be heard in 2016. I ask that any denigrating remarks please be set aside in this particular case. Thank you.


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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20 months ago
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    Yves (savvydating) 20 months ago

    Thanks. I'll pay attention. I'll go into my (Supreme Court) link to see if there are any transcripts yet. Personally, I'm not happy that a Catholic hospital may be forced to do something against their conscience....or else pay hefty fines, I presume.