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The political pundits are going wild after the super Tues, why do we care what they think?

As I scanned the channels looking for entertainment, I came across one pundit, after another pundit, after groups of pundits. I thought it was so sad that people actually listen to these well paid people. If pundits are correct, then why are they varied in their Opinions about the candidates and the race? The race was still be being tabulated and they were making their projections on who won. This alone says that the people are acting like sheep. When say 49% of the total can determine the results of the 51% left, that says uniformity among people. People should be indep thinkers????


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Old-Empresario says

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20 months ago
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    bradmasterOCcal 20 months ago

    Actually, I agree, but also think that even the debates are a waste of time, as no real issues are found in the debates.

    Take the 2008 debates, the real critical issue should have been the economy and yet it wasn't.