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Isn't it time for the presidential candidates to discuss their political records?

Trump has been hit by all the other candidates for not having the right stuff, and part of that stuff is that he is not a politician. Shouldn't the voters compare the political records and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of those politician candidates? Their record is more important for the voters to decide who is the best candidate. Ted Cruz for instance has a blah record as senator, and he has been a sen for 1 term and half of that term he has been sponging on the public tax money by campaigning for a new job, while not performing on his elected job.


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Elvisa M (ElvisaM) says

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20 months ago
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    bradmasterOCcal 20 months ago

    I agree with most of your comment. The problem that I see with every presidential election is that we get fixated on social issues, while they are important they are not ones that government can fix, but they can make worse.

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