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Did God favor Jewish founder Isaac over his Muslim brother, Ishmael?

I was just reading the news, and the recent terrorist attacks are still making the rounds. Its all so depressing. I have often wondered if this isn't the reason why so many people struggle with depression - our world is scary. My mind started to wander, and the story came up of Ishmael's mother praying to God for mercy after Sarah had her and her son banished from Abraham's camp after Isaac was born. I wonder if some religious peeps see Ishmael's story as meaning he was 'beneath' Isaac - so Islam is being viewed as 'something that shouldn't exist'; when it was SARAH's fault that he exists.


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Lolita Monroe (LoliHey) says

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20 months ago
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    Catherine Mostly (Misfit Chick) 20 months ago

    I didn't mean that the bible story was depressing - fighting across the world over religious dogma is. Was Ishmael a 'surprise' for God? If Isaac-only was in his plan; could/should he not have intervened and prevented it instead of INCLUDING him?

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