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It's Time To Put Brigham Young University Out of Business! Do You Agree?

The Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 is perhaps the most famous example of the evil heart of Brigham Young and his merry band of miscreants. For Brigham Young University to exist in the first place is an outrage. For the university to have an Honor Code is somewhere south of a bad joke. Female students who are raped and sexually molested on and off campus are accused of Honor Code Violations, and can even be expelled. There is only one remedy for such an outrage: STOP FUNDING BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY AND ENROLL AT ANOTHER UNIVERSITY!


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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19 months ago
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    Ronnie wrenchBiscuit (wrenchBiscuit) 19 months ago

    Yes, that is a grand idea. Money always makes a difference. I'm also puzzled why young women would attend BYU in the first place. Maybe they don't read the fine print.