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Should we put in place an anti Inquisition law?

Despite we live in a post inquisition era, there are still many Christians that want to bring it back. It should also be important to note, Taliban started out as Muslim lobby groups, just like Christian lobby groups today, when Saudi government step by step pull away from Sharia law, they decide to militarize, after the law recognized gay marriage in US FBI also worried about some Christian lobby group might militarize. Till 1980s been unwed mother in Ireland is criminal offense, because it is a sin in Catholicism, modern Russia passed a law against gays, because it is a sin Christianity.


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Lolita Monroe (LoliHey) says

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17 months ago
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    peter565 17 months ago

    Its a small majority, but they have successfully lobby certain pro inquisition law in some nations (eg Russia now arrest gays, till 20 years ago been unwed mother in Ireland is life in prison)

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