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To real soldiers: Do you think George Bush's conquering Iraq technique as a major failure?

U don't need to be a soldier to know conquering campaign is hard to fight and many superior army got defeat by significantly inferior army, in such campaign, Yet, George Bushed used that technique to try deal with Iraq, for 8 years our soldier fought a war, where the enemies are at all front and can't tell the difference between civilian or enemy troops.Do u believe Bush should have waited till Afghanistan is over, till going into iraq and is it better to eg have Iraq surrounded, keep bombing them, like what Obama is doing to ISIS, then to have our soldiers charging in, gun blazing?

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Old-Empresario says

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19 months ago
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    peter565 19 months ago

    I agree, I think Bush over rely on US military superiority. US might have currently the most powerful army, but an army can only be as good as its commander and policy maker, otherwise US won't loose Vietnam and can't win in America Independent war