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A Promise to help, Is it a help or a failure?

Over thousands of leaders challenge each other verbally in a face to face election of way. And some are given the leadership post and some are not, each one promise to make things great,hmm! Are things great! Has any state condition change for the better of the people ? Everyone seemed to be fighting for a leadership post to lead a country of state but lead it where? Most of the time a leader gets in stateship the country of state's condition always seemed to get worst Why? Over the years everyone seemed to be trying to solve the problems and so far none has succeeded at the task.


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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16 months ago
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    Marcelle Hinkson (Atcelle) 16 months ago

    Tamara Wilhite ! I can see it first hand all around the world Yes! The circumstances of them helping individuals for something in return is what makes some States of countries so desolate.