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What ratio of people are racist?

There are many type of racism, but how many percentage of people fall under the category? (Racial centralism: Those who believe in us, them relationship base on race, stereotypical example include KKK, which talk about race war [in middle east it is religion centralism: so the Sunni vs Shai war with ISIS right now] ) (Race supremacy: believe u are of a superior race) (misled prejudice: Strictly speaking these people are not racist, but due to propaganda influence of white supremacists, they will have certain misled view about the non west, due to racist propaganda and lack of information)

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ptosis says

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16 months ago
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    peter565 16 months ago

    Wow people create differentiate on skin color, everybody is familiar with, but base on long or short ear, first time heard of this. Its...WTF situation