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How much do you know or about the persuasiveness and complexity of sex offender denial?

Bill Cosby 51 accusers and Trump's 13 accusers, bot men deflect accusations. Supporters and fans who deny or apologize for the suspected offender are disgusting and horrible people. Good example is the Catholic officials who tried to evade authorities, deflect scandal and conceal facts. Is rape victim skepticism a form of "victim blaming" or misogyny? Why are Trump fans in denial that Donald manipulated women who looked up to him for guidance into power relationships, exploit them, and bet on their silence? Please don't bring me a straw man answer about Clinton. That is not answering the Q.


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Ken Burgess says

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13 months ago
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    ptosis 13 months ago

    o kay. Rape and sexual assault are two different things. Or the same thing but in different degrees. That is what I understood from your answer. Thank you for answering.