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Why is President Obama interfering with the California Senate election and dividing his own party?

Two Democrats (Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez) have been nominated as candidates to replace Barbara Boxer as California's representative in the United States Senate. President Obama has chosen to endorse Kamala Harris and has even gone to the extent of starring in a televised ad on her behalf. Do you think it is okay or even wise for him to do so? Why would he choose to bring division to his own Democratic party? And should a president be allowed to take time away from his regular duties to film ads for other candidates


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Billie Kelpin says

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12 months ago
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    ecoggins 12 months ago

    Thank you Billie for your comments. They are well thought out and well-stated. Loretta Sanchez did have to give up her Congressional seat to run. I wonder if the president risks alienating Latino voters by taking a public position in this race.

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