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Click bait... is the reinforcement of one's perceptions and beliefs. Yes or No?

The election is over, the results are final... so could we get back to some sort of unbiased, objective, near neutral reporting? It doesn't seem so... the media seems bent on inflating every report of defiance or discourse with a Trump Administration not yet in office, questioning every move Trump and his aids make, embellishing the worst, insinuating darkest fears.. and those few outlets not doing so, are too busy with their "in your face" gloating over the Republican sweep to focus much on matters of substance. When you tune-in/read your choice of news, is it only to reinforce your beliefs?

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10 months ago
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    Ken Burgess 10 months ago

    The media will never out Obama, or the Dem Party, remember the Media is owned by a handful of people, all corporate and globalist or foreigners, their ultimate goal is the demise of America as a leading world power, that is essentially what Dems are.