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Should soldiers be train using traditional weapons such as sword?

In many country's army, been trained in traditional weapon and as an old fashion army, is just as important as a modern one. In WW2 for example, China struggle to have enough ammo, for soldiers, as a result, per infantry team, got 1 rifleman and 2 swordsman and try force Japanese into melee combat. My dad who served in the army during the 70s told me, the fire power of a modern infantry platoon, is still less then a bronze age battalion, but u can take down many of them, before they kick ur ass.


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11 months ago
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    peter565 11 months ago

    Good point, my concern is ammo lacking army, in past, such infantry use broad swords as substitution, eg WW2 China, Afgahn soldiers of 70s Afghan Soviet war. modern New Zealand army lack ammo so much (budge cut), they got none even for training.