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Do you believe that the "divide and rule" policy applies in today's society? If yes how?

I kinda start feel nostalgic for the days of the stability in government and society, I believe "political stable environment" is a phrase we are not going to hear often in the future. A quick look at the countries of the western world it's enough to realize that, the far right (mostly) and the far left are rising and they will keep rising as long people are divided.


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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12 months ago
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    DimiKambo 12 months ago

    Your perspective is very interesting! Few things,1. I see both sides exercising that policy. 2.Does any of those people you mentioned have ever been oppressed at any point, If yes by whom? 3.As far the upcoming danger I agree. Thanks for responding