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In Ireland people often baptise their child just for easier access to schools. What do you think?

The majority of people in Ireland, may be registered as Catholic or Christian, but honestly I have always felt like there is no substance behind this classification here in Ireland. People here are not nearly as religious as we used to be back in the day. Apparently the Irish are losing their faith faster than many other countries and mass attendance is dwindling. Yet, it is commonplace for most Irish children to be baptised, as with this certificate it becomes much easier to get accepted to a school. I am curious what people think of this practice and if it is heard of in other countries?


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CJ Kelly (lions44) says

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12 months ago
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  • David Branagan profile image

    David Branagan 12 months ago

    In Ireland, something close to 90% of the primary education for children around 4 to 12, is controlled by religious organisations, primarily the Catholic church. So its simpler to baptise you child.