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Doesn't the commuting of Chelsea Manning logically lead to earnestness of Hillary Clinton emails?

Now we have 4 folks to look at. The sailor that took pictures of a sub, Snowden, Manning, Hillary Clinton. It would seem that the issue of disclosing state secrets or handling them negligently yields extremely diverse results. As it should be case by case. But no charges against Hillary and a commuted sentence of a transvestite seem to be just executive orders and not legally sound. Really I am not close enough to pass judgment - but I am smart enough to see the pattern and question the motives.


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Kathleen Cochran says

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7 months ago
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    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 7 months ago

    Kathleen I looked harder into this after writing the question. Manning would be eligible and get parole in about 6 mnths. Now out in five. So why do it at all. Her actions kind of ignited Arab Spring. She also got a big payment for doing it. ????

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