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What about rights for a US born citizen? Does an American mixed-ancestry get any preference here?

I know I have English, French, Jewish, American Indian, and other race strains, Yet I was born in the USA, and seem to be the butt of all political blame. my paternal grandfather showed Indian features, my paternal grandmother showed German features. My maternal grandparents are English, French, Irish, and claim Jewish blood by a turn of the century adoptee into my family ancestry, here in America. BUT STILL I am discriminated against on Federal and State Job selections ( and other political ways) because I am classed as a White, Middle Age, American Male. and I served in Civil Air Patrol.


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Norine Williams says

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7 months ago
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    Oscar Jones (Oscarlites) 7 months ago

    Norine the whole perspective here is, " how much do we pay, how great the cost, and when does the diversity, culture, racial and gender bias all become equal? when does the inequality become equal? when do we all accept each other?

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