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Anyone Seen Trump's E-Order 2 "RAISE The Minimum WAGE" 4 American Workers ?? Didn't Think So

Before this Mentally ILL CHARLATAN is REMOVED from OUR White House, don't U think he should actually keep his promise 2 "RAISE the Minimum WAGE" 4 all those Poor GULLIBLE Souls who thought that's what they were VOTING for ??? So far, we got DEVASTATING E-Orders from Trump & Repugnantkins which AUTHORIZE the DUMPING of Mercury into OUR Waterways which will THREATEN the Health of MIllions, the CANCELLATION of Health Ins / Consumer Protections which will THREATEN the Health of MILLIONs, & an E-Order that makes HOME Ownership more DIFFICULT ~ And U thought U were getting a "PEOPLEs Champion" ???


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3 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 3 weeks ago

    YES Kathleen, that's the ELUSIVE Silver Lining in this time of SEVERE Deafening DARKNESS ~ "WE Will Survive" as the GARGANTUAN Revolutionary Resistance Protests Continue 2 GROW Stronger by the Minute 2 "BEAT Down" Putin's Little POODLE