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Do you think Pizzagate will lead to exposure of the top level politicians and others involved?

I have long thought that Trump will start that swamp clean with an exposure of what has until now been kept hidden, pedophiles in top positions abusing their power. This would lead to public revulsion about those involved, and would possibly make it easier to investigate and expose many perverted and corrupt power elites in America. But do you think this could actually happen? - or are the power elite 'dark forces too powerful even for the POTUS to bring down.


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Yes Dear (lovemychris) says

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8 months ago
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    John Harper (aguasilver) 8 months ago

    I really don't care what political affiliation a pedophile holds, the should be busted, even if they are the POTUS.

    If Trump stops the investigation, there may be some truth, he may be involved, but I doubt it, I just want to KNOW who is involved.

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