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What's WORSE? Trump Administration Crimes Or The COVER-Up ??

Flynn, Believe it or NOT, was Trump's FORMER NSA Advisor even though he was TERMINATED by Pres. Obama & NOW, the "Cesspool of OCCUPANTs" located in OUR Beloved WHITE House Apparently REFUSEs to Disclose Pertinent INFO Related 2 the FLYNN Criminal INVESTIGATION ~ Reportedly, Tom Price, Trumps HHS is Under INVESTIGATION for FRAUD while TRYING 2 STRIP Health-INs from MILLIONs of Americans, Ivanka According 2 REPORTs, has conducted business with CORRUPT Foreign Entities which is of course a CRIME, and it's REPORTED her Husband Jarod is involved with one of the WORST NY R. Estate DEALz in HISTORY.


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7 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 7 weeks ago

    In REALITY, Flynn is probably on his way 2 PRISON 4 his TIEs 2 Russia unless he strikes a "DEAL" which could spell even more BAD News 4 "Drumpf" ~ According 2 REPORTs, Ivanka has done business with CORRUPT Foreign Entities ~

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