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X-Treme Fascist French Candidate LePen Suffers Humiliating DEFEAT ~ Is This Trump's "Death Knell" ?

Unlike here in the USA, I guess Vladimir Putin's Covert AGENT's were unable 2 "Penetrate & MANIPULATE" Voting Stations in FRANCE so they FAILED 2 get their Operative LePen Elected ~ I'm sure Donald John Trump is "REELING" as well if of course he's Conscious today ~ CONGRATULATIONs, France Elects a Mentally Stable & Non-Corrupt LEADER who Emphasizes all the things "DRUMPF" Despises, while we here in the USA get "BOZO De Trump" who is trying his BEST 2 DESTROY Health-Care & Advance Vladimir Putin's Global AGENDA, a Nightmare of Unprecedented Magnitude until he's REMOVED from our White House


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3 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 3 months ago

    The WORLD Agrees SA ~ Trump is "OBSOLETE" just weeks after Putin Embedded him ~ France Rejected their "Trump Candidate" in favor of a Rational Person in Macron who ACCEPTs Facts ~ WEEKs Ago, Austria & Netherlands also REJECTED their "Trumps"

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