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Will "Secret Audio/Video TAPEs" From OUR White House Be Used As EVIDENCE When Trump Is Impeached?

According 2 Donald John's PARANOID Little Mind, I guess we can now "BANK-On" Secret, COVERT Audio and or Video Taped RECORDINGs Popping Up at his IMPEACHMENT Proceedings ~ As if the Truck LOAD of Existing Evidence which could JUSTIFY an an ABUNDANCE of "Articles of IMPEACHMENT" for various infractions wasn't enough, we now have COMPELLING Material which could prove "OBSTRUCTION of Justice" and or "ABUSE of Power" along with possible "Film Footage" of Meetings between James Comey & Donald John ~


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Demas W Jasper (Perspycacious) says

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4 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 months ago

    EXPERTs Agree Donald John will B IMPEACHED & The ONLY Question Pertaining 2 that event is the "Time LINE" ~ Trump Suggested in a "Threatening TweeT" that "TAPEs" may exist but R NOT Necessary ~ Detrimental Evidence could fill Yankee Stadium

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