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A Veterans Memorial Day Message: Did You Think People Joined The Military For Patriotic Reasons?

I am a Vietnam Era Veteran. I am "not" proud of my service. Wars are fought to make the rich richer and to redraw the world map. Smedley Darlington Butler, the most decorated Marine at the time of is death, made this perfectly clear. I served 6 years in the military, and not once did I hear anyone, enlisted or officer, talking about patriotism. A great majority of people join to make money,get ahead, and to get an education. We talked about re-enlistment bonuses and going to college. Memorial Day is a day to remember how lives continue to be ruined for the sake of greedy rich people.


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Yes Dear (lovemychris) says

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5 months ago
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    Ronnie wrenchBiscuit (wrenchBiscuit) 5 months ago

    It is happening now. Conservatives are circling the wagons. Donald Trump is the end of an era. The man behind the curtain also knows this. Something terrible is about to happen, after which those of us who are left may see the light of day.

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