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Will Jared Kushner Be INDICTED 4 "SECRET Contact" With Russians? EXTENT Of Damage He's Already Done?

REPORTs Indicate "MISSING INFO" ~ WHY did Jared Omit these "Covert CONTACTs" on his APPLICATION as almost everyone else in Trump's Corrupt Pseudo-Administration Apparently did? Misleading ~ CONCEALMENT ~ Dishonesty ~ Corruption ~ SUBVERSION ~ Treason ???? ~ At the very least, his "Security Clearance" must be REVOKED Immediately 2 PROTECT Our National Safety ~ "DRUMPF" is GONE, Will Jared be INDICTED 4 Espionage, COVERT Contact or a FELONY 4 Non-Disclosure of Critically IMPORTANT INFO pertaining 2 his Unlawful "BACK ROOM Ethic"??


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3 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 3 months ago

    Putin's POODLE Donnie & his Most "CORRUPT & Inept" Cabinet in HISTORY R doing an OUTSTANDING Job of "Toppling" his own FAKE-Presidency ~ Jared OMITTED/Concealled Russian CONTACTs, a FELONEY & used Russian Apparatus 2 HIDE it from us, TREA

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