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Will The Kushner Family Be Indicted 4 "PEDDLING RE Dealz" In X-Change For Visas ??

Yup, it's TRUE, can U Believe it ? Layer upon Layer of Unprecedented White House CORRUPTION is now upon us ~ C'mon now SERIOUSLY, did U truly believe Jared Kushner, the most unqualified and what appears 2 be one of the most CORRUPT WH Staffers in U.S. HISTORY, was actually hired to BENEFIT the USA ?? U did ?? REALLY ?? Keep in mind, his DADDY is a Convicted Felon who served time in a Federal Prison for several CRIMEs ~ GOOGLE It ~ Jared will soon be GONE, but WHY R the Kushners Spending OUR Tax Dollars to attain "PERSONAL Enrichment" instead of "SAVING the WORLD" as he was ASSIGNED 2 do ??


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